Boat amalfi coast

A unique Sorrento boat tour where you will admire the spectacular views of the Sorrento Coast and the Gulf of Naples, dive in the clear waters of the Ieranto Bay and visit Positano and Amalfi on a walking tour. Discover the details of our Amalfi Coast from Sorrento boat tour.

The highlights of the boat tour

  • Visit by sea of the ruins of Queen Giovanna
  • A dive in the crystalline waters of Ieranto Bay
  • Positano Walking Tour
  • Visit of Amalfi and the cathedral
  • Snorkeling on the island of Li Galli

Boat day trip program

Our boat trip starts at your preferred time from your hotel where our driver will pick you up.
Once you get on board, the captain will sail in the direction of the Campanella headland. Along the way you will admire the remains of the ancient Roman domus known today as Villa Pollio Felice or simply “Ruina della Regina Giovanna”. If you want you will be able to take a swim in the charming private beach of the villa.

After a welcome drink you will get to the bell-tower marine park precisely in the bay of Ieranto, a crystal-clear cove. A dive in its crystalline waters is a must!
After the stop, your captain will sail towards Positano but not before showing you the Crapolla bay and the islands of Li Galli, where later on, a stop will be made.

Positano Walking Tour

Positano is one of the most enchanting places on the Amalfi Coast such that some people call it “The Pearl of the Coast”. Here you will have 2 hours to visit the village on foot. Our advice is to walk along the narrow streets and admire the craft creations. Handmade sandals and ” Positano Fashion ” linen are famous all over the world besides being a unique and very welcome souvenir!
After about 2 hours you will return to Marina Grande, departing towards Amalfi.

Visit of Amalfi

Amalfi was one of the 4 Maritime Republics and brought its name throughout the Mediterranean areas. Today one can still breathe its glorious past in every corner of the city. Despite being such a small place, the center offers many points of interest.
Our advice is to visit the cathedral, its crypt and the Amalfi paper museum, then taste the “Santa Rosa” sfoglia with a nice Amalfi limoncello!
Returning on board we will sail to Li Galli to make your last stop. A bit of snorkeling among the cliffs of Li Galli particularly populated by many species of fish.
The day is about to end but not before making the last toast!

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