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Furore Fjord

The most romantic place ever, striking the eyes of the travelers with its charm. Let us present the Furore Fjord!

Furore Fjord is the pearl of the coastal landscape and owes its name from the Latin "terra furoris", which means “land of fury”. You can reach it from the main national road (SS163) with stairs (please note: there’s no park), by Sita buses or in the best way: from the sea, with a private boat tour of the Amalfi Coast organized by Restart Boat.

This tiny landmark presents a pebble beach, pristine waters and an ancient fishermen’s small village, but the most famous characteristic is its naturalistic beauty, which you could attribute to the Northern region of Europe, while you are in the Southern part, between Amalfi and Positano.
Thanks to its unique and wild beauty the Furore Fjord and beach was chosen numerous times as a set for movies (among them the episode Miracle, part of the movie Love directed by Roberto Rossellini) and television spots.

It was built up by exiles from Amalfi in search of safety from the Saracen raids. The first inhabitants became able fishermen, artisans and farmers. That’s why you will find several mills and a “drying room”, once used to dry the paper (produced here) and now enchanted location of the Ecomuseum.
There’s another museum, the one dedicated to Anna Magnani and Roberto Rossellini, right in the house where they used to live!

The Fiordo of Furore is not actually a Fjord, is a “ria”, an inlet created by the Schiato torrent, which flows between the rocks, creating a valley nearby the sea and a scenic hidden beach. In the past the icy waters of the torrent powered the machinery of the paper and  flour mills.

Furore is also every year the background of the Mediterranean Championship in diving from great heights.
We can take you here, in the superb heart of the Amalfi Coast with our boats, it’s the perfect place to have a romantic moment and also to pop to your sweetheart the biggest question.
You can also stop for lunch or dinner to the Locanda il Fiordo, which serves excellent traditional dishes in a delightful atmosphere.

It’s quite impossible to descrive the Furore beach and the Furore fjord in words. It’s may be the most romantic place in the Amalfi Coast, it’s a Neverland outside time and space. We can bet you will always treasure your memories of this place.


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  • Best vacations ever!!!

    My wife and I went to Italy for our anniversary with two other best friends couple and the experienc was spectacular. Giuseppe the captain was very professional and respectful. He really knows his business. I would definitely recommend his company; they are the best.

    Jorge and Rocio Perez
  • Fred is the best captain of them all

    We couldn't of planned a better trip. We spent 3 days straight with Fred on the Mediterranean and he made our entire trip. Whether you want to have a leisurely cruise or snorkel in the sea, you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much and we'll be back in the near future!!

    Travis P
  • So much fun!

    We were picked up from our hotel in Sorrento and driven down to Marina Grande where our private boat arrived. Had a great time onboard, towels and prosecco provided and plenty of room to relax and sunbathe. Our skipper recommend a great place for lunch on Capri which we both enjoyed. Great weather, fantastic way to see the Sorrento coast and Capri. Thank you!

    Victoria B.